Thursday, May 13, 2010

Did Married With Children ever have a serious moment?

I love the show by the way. But I wonder, has it ever had a serious moment? From what I've seen, it's just jokes/humor and never like a heartfelt moment or something like that.Did Married With Children ever have a serious moment?
It was a good show! But from what i remember i don't think it had serious moments. Just all laughs.Did Married With Children ever have a serious moment?
probably not
let's put it this way, the Simpsons is less of a cartoon
probably not, i love it.

Why are people getting married so soon?

I see alot of people getting married at the ages of 17, 18, 19. And I mean sure they probably love their significant other enough to marry them but why so soon? Why is everybody in such a rush these days?Why are people getting married so soon?
yeah I know

and they always end up in divorcesWhy are people getting married so soon?
My mom told me that when I turned 18, I was on my own. No car, no college, no money - nothing.

So I asked my boyfriend of two years if he would marry me, because I didn't know what else to do! He said yes, and now, 30 years and two kids (and now 1 grandson!) later, we are still deeply in love and will be married until the end.
maybe some people are starting to realize that going through life with a committed, caring, loving and equal partner who will be your best and closest friend for life is a lot better than f-----g most of your life away... and want to get as much of that joy in their lives as they can.
Because they are bored and have nothing better to do with their time. They get out of high school and suddenly, they aren't surrounded by drama anymore. So they need something else to make their life resemble a soap opera. What better? A long series of marriages and messy divorces! Yay!
I'm a sophomore (19) at a Christian college and here it's weird NOT to be engaged... peer pressure? I know I get antsy sometimes. My room mate got engaged this year and my boyfriend and I have been dating the same amount of time they have been, and we aren't engaged.
I think they simply want to have their own lives.

But I think it's still best to wait until you are in your mid or late twenties to get married, that way you'll not be only mentally stable but as well as financially.

everybody probably starts seeing more and more love around them, and feels insecure and fells they need to get married, plus hormones

They only get married cause wedding dances are a good party.
ive noticed that too...and no idea why they would be getting married so fast.

it could be that people have been ingrained to save sex for marriage and they are horny so marriage = fun times....i guess..
A century or less ago people aged 19 were already married and had 2 or 3 kids. Must be some sort of ';retro'; thing going on.
The Mayans believe the world will end in 2012. Better get hitched before it's too late. O_o
Some people must just learn the hard way
because the girls are pregnant, that's why
It's all the super devil's fault. Curse him and his jar of marmalade.
They have a fantasy about what love is and what it will be.
cuz the world's ending in 2012
they want sex
I don't understand it either. I'm 24 and I still don't want to be married yet. I'm enjoying my freedom.

Could you handle being married to a rock star?

With all the consent touring and them being gone all the time?Could you handle being married to a rock star?
no, the question is

could she handle being married to me

*blink blink*Could you handle being married to a rock star?
err...maybe.......probly not tho

Are you single, never married and dating someone who is recently divorced?

What sort of issues have you come across? Have you had problems with your lover that arises from their 'past life' of a married person? Has this created problems in your relationship? Is 'baggage' and issue? Have you felt uncomfortable trying to meet perceived expectations, especially where children are involved?

Do you sometimes feel you aren't appreciated or, rather, thought of as a surrogate?Are you single, never married and dating someone who is recently divorced?
I married a man who had been married before. This was back in 1988. Ive been with him since 1985 though. We are till together, but what I came across was having to raise stepkids, because as soon as we married, the mother handed them over to us. I came across the mother calling our house all the time, the kids causing me grief. I went thru plenty. I still go thru things I dont want to. It comes with marrying someone who had been married with kids....It was my choice and my own fault. But we have a strong marriage and have been together for 23 yrs.*Are you single, never married and dating someone who is recently divorced?
Unfortunately, (I was a skeptic), but it takes a while to let go of a long relationship. I was married for 23 years and did not even give another moment to another man. He on the other hand was seeing other women or men on the sly. Hey, I don't have a problem with that, just tell me you aren't happy so we can move in different directions.

Yes, I am still angry and it has been almost 5 years. I am only angry at the way he belittled me and had zero respect for me or any other woman. He said the only time he had respect for me was when I graduated from college. Wow, what a blow.

It takes time to finally realize he and I both have our own insecurities. His are not mine and mine are not his. The hurt of an abusive relationship seems to make the ';moving forward'; harder.

I do not think it is a good idea to be in a ';rebound'; relationship especially after years of being with one person. This is like a ';death'; and you go through the different stages of grief. For some it takes longer then others.

Hope this helps a little.


I am not dating anyone now, really. I have a girlfriend who lives 3 hours from me, but we aren't really dating. She is divorced, but I've never had any issues with her. She does, however, sometimes confide in me that she is unable to maintain a long-term relationship with a man for more than a year or two. I've known her for about 3 years now, but ours is a relationship based on friendship without any heavy attachments. I casually dated women who were divorced who seem to dwell on their ex husbands. Usually, I loose interest fast when, on a first date, the conversation is primarily about their ex husbands. It seems to me that it is common for women who have been divorced have trouble being in the present. If they have ';baggage'; it is ok with me as long as they acknowledge it, are not focused on it. In a sense, we all have baggage and this is part of the process of human growth.

There is someone else I know. We're friends but, married or not, we both have similar baggage. It has much to do with childhood issues, but her marriage was long and abusive; ';out of the pot, into the fire.';

I felt some expectations because I am the same astrological sign as her ex. There were some projections, I feel, but the more she understands me, the less of an issue it is.


( oh well...)






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Know anyone who got married at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley?

I am thinking of driving out there next week to talk about their venue for my wedding next May, but I wanted to have some idea of what my expectations should be. Their website gives some information, but it's vague on prices and what's included in ';facility'; rental. I'm just curious if anyone got married there or knows someone who got married there and could point me towards another website or give me advice? Thanks!Know anyone who got married at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley?
I've been there but never for a wedding or event. It's gorgeous though and would be nice. I would call and talk to someone who can give you the answers you need.

Not sure where you're coming from, but I attended a wedding at the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, VA. She got married in the Octagon Barn and used it for reception space along with plenty of outdoor space. It was pretty awesome but it is definitely not as formal at the SVM. If it's local, check it out:

Good luck!

Is it proof that women just used men for money now that society no longer expects them to be married?

Now that its socially acceptable for females to be single, and more women prefer to BE single, is it proof positive that they were with and merely used men for generations for their financial support, food and money?Is it proof that women just used men for money now that society no longer expects them to be married?
women were dependent on men for these things in the past, yes. isn't it wonderful that we no longer are? :-)Is it proof that women just used men for money now that society no longer expects them to be married?
Not really.If we go back in time,we shall find that women were exploited more and that too,in the name of economic support to them in return for what all they did or were expected/forced to do.Also,the social acceptance for women to remain unmarried but economically self supporting, is not all about what you think but a social paradigm -shift brought about due to various reasons.
Of course it is!

Women had no choice but to marry a man with money becasue women had NO property rights! Women had no access to education let alone jobs! Marrying for love was secondary to marrying for money!

Men made the rules back then, so complain all you want dude, but you men made it that way so stop your whingeing! Do you know anything about history? Your own grandmother was probably forced to give up her job when she got married.

Also, where's your stats on 'more women prefer to be single'?

Geeps! Get real!
';Is it proof positive that they were with and merely used men for generations for their financial support, food and money?';

And without the ability to get an education or work in generations past (rules made by men), how, exactly, were women supposed to survive?
Yes and we both used each other. The lucky ones were actually in love and treated each other nice. I guess that was and is getting more rare.
Do you mean as opposed to men using them for sex, housecleaning, cooking, and bearing children? Then yes.

how else are they supposed to raise a family, the hubby provides what the stay at home mom needs for the family.
Yes, but keep in mind how little fuss men raised about it.
If you believe that you will remain single.
...its mutual.....
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  • Should a couple get married after a year of being in a relationship?

    They've been in a long distance relationship. However they see each other every month. They are very commited to each other. Both families are happy that they are together. The families met already. Oh and they are both 23 years and have carreers! What yall think?Should a couple get married after a year of being in a relationship?
    my parents only knew each for three months before they got married and it was long distance...they met over the phone...and they have been together for 20 years and have 5 kidsShould a couple get married after a year of being in a relationship?
    I would recommend waiting one more year. My husband and I were also in a long distance relationship and 23 years old the first year we were dating. As I recall, the relationship was still changing during the second year we were together. It was nothing too bad, but some of the excitement from when the relationship was brand new had worn off, and I missed it. There were still some moments when I was adjusting to the change and asking myself if this was the relationship I wanted. I'm glad I went through all of that before we got married.
    You know its funny I knew my husband all his life but we stopped seeing each other when we were growing up he moved away and so did I but when I moved back to my lil town and so did he we reunited just as friends still as bestfriends then my senior year in high school we became a couple. And we both have carreers and we have 2 kids we been together 7 yrs. Soooooooooooo if they love each other and both families agree I would say Go 4 it!! Being in love is the best. I know I dont regret it
    I think they get along so well because they don't see each other as much. They need to spend more time together before getting married. It's great that the families are so happy, get along, and everything but that doesn't mean that things will work out between the couple.

    They just need to spend more time together before getting engaged.
    Each couple's situation is different. there are some relationships that are so strong and have matured to the point that one year seems to be OK, but on the other hand, there are some that needs more time,more years.

    Its has to feel totally right, for the both party involved. If there is a hint of doubt, or uncertainty then give it some time.
    I say it can work and it can not work. For me it worked my Husband lived abroad i knew him 2 months and we get engaged then i went back, but we use to write and call each other a lot then after a year i got married to him. And we are married for almost 11 yrs. And of course you have ups %26amp; downs but that is in every relationship. Just they both have to be sure to tie the knot.
    I'm for living with someone or at least seeing someone more than a few times a year or whatever it is. Long distance is cool sometimes but I mean, when you see someone every day for a year or two they can get on your nerves... do they love each other? Have they had that blowout fight yet (VERY Important)? You have to get through some hard times to know that it will work out. Don't want to be just another statistic of divorce rate right?
    Well, i think they should wait a little longer cause there may be things that they dont know about each other and want like. If they know each other very well and think that they will last and be faithful to each other then i guess it will be okay.
    In my opinion 1 year is too short I would see how things go for about 1-2 more years then decide on getting married

    Good Luck x
    I think when they are ready they will make the commitment. I wouldn't pressure them. Remember, patience is a virtue.
    I think they should get married when they feel that it is right to get married.

    It takes different amounts of time for different people.
    if they think they are ready, then sure!

    but i think before a couple gets married, they should try living together for a while. Just my opinion.
    oh no. they should def. give each other like arleast 2 more years. because in the end thier ganna end up getting a divorce.
    I think that a year is too short but the way its been going lately 6months-year is very common... i perfer like 3 years or so
    At least live in the same city for awhile.
    my motto is... do what you do make it work for you 鈾櫕

    It sounds like they are ready...why not?